Traditional views of boarding are often guided by parents’ own spartan experiences decades previously or, for those new to the idea of boarding, by visions of Tom Brown’s Schooldays. Neither view bears remote resemblance to Modern Boarding – an environment that provides huge pastoral and academic advantages for young people.

Boarding provides a highly structured routine of homework in the evenings, under close supervision from qualified teachers who are able to offer professional advice. Older students are encouraged to develop those independent working habits crucial in later life but in an environment where they can bounce ideas off their peers.

Firm and appropriate frameworks exist for the use of technology, allowing students to develop crucial skills safely and with clear boundaries.

Boarding provides a vital resource for young people in a busy world – time. The hours lost commuting become available for a huge variety of co-curricular activities and top class facilities are open and available to students long into the evening or early in the morning. The extended day gives children the chance to try something new, or pursue an established interest.

Clearly there are advantages for busy working parents, but the true benefits lie in the holistic approach to education it provides, leading to the development of character. Boarding environments provide a unique setting that promotes common experience, camaraderie, friendship, trust and honesty between children and adults.

A modern approach to boarding recognises the importance of family

Schools like Cranleigh offer comfortable, pleasant and often state-of-the-art boarding spaces with communal areas such as common rooms and kitchens that are supervised, ensuring students learn to respect other users and the facilities at their disposal.

Modern boarding is not about taking students away from their parents but rather the housemaster or housemistress developing a strong partnership with families to allow pupils to flourish. At Cranleigh parents get to know the house teams very well through numerous house and school functions, while family time is built into the weekend as the majority of students return home for 24 hours after a full day of endeavour on Saturday: a modern approach to boarding that recognises the importance of family.

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