The new autumn issue of School Report magazine is out now! Brimming with expert advice for London parents, from the best boarding and days schools to expertly written articles covering gender issues, what Brexit means for the private sector and whether we should be testing children at all. Here’s a letter from the Editor, Mark Kebble, to whet your appetite…  

Well, where do I start? Quite a lot normally happens during a school term, but since our last issue there have been some big, big shifts. Arguably the biggest is Brexit and the subsequent shock felt by many, followed swiftly by Nicky Morgan losing her job, with Justine Greening now tasked with appeasing the growing disquiet from those working in the industry. We also have a new Prime Minister who, it has been whispered, is keen on bringing grammar schools back… So, yes, quite a lot has happened.

It’s interesting that when planning this issue, there was so much vitriol heading Morgan’s way. The government’s steadfast belief in the academy system showed no signs of abating, despite making a U-turn on their plans to speed through the conversion of all schools to academies. Marina Gask was tasked with investigating if they were such a bad thing after all. It remains to be seen how much of role they play in Greening’s plans for education.

The whole debate around academies was cast into the shadows, however, when 52% of the nation voted to leave the EU. I must admit I didn’t see that one coming. Considering School Report has always covered the success of international schools on these shores, as well as tracking the demand for a British education overseas, it was only natural to fear for the non-EU future. However Ian Hunt, Managing Director of Gabbitas Educational Consultants, has some calming words for all of us on page 137.

At the time of writing, students up and down the country were awaiting their A level results after a year of huge change. It accentuates the point that I feel we often forget: education is about pupils, not what countless ‘experts’ often have to say. It’s a tough time being a kid today; certainly it seems a world away from my time at school. We have a special look at gender identity problems, a very tough subject, but one that Paul Kelly gives a very good account on. We also look at autism in schools and the ways teachers are overcoming these issues to offer a brilliant learning environment.

Who knows where we will be when the next School Report comes along. What’s for sure is it’s bound to be a rollercoaster ride.

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