With origins dating back to 597AD, The King’s School, Canterbury, is reputedly the oldest school in the world. It is also one of the country’s leading co-educational boarding schools located in the historic surroundings of the Precincts of Canterbury Cathedral, just one hour from Central London.

The Precincts of Canterbury Cathedral are designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, providing a beautiful and inspiring backdrop to what has been described as ‘a university for young people’. Other areas of the school include the historic St Augustine’s Abbey, a 22-acre multi-purpose sports field with modern pavilion, and a purpose built sports recreation centre owned and managed by the school.

‘At the heart of a King’s education is the dual pursuit of academic and extra-curricular excellence,’ says Headmaster Peter Roberts. ‘The self-discipline, intellectual challenge and wide ranging interests that a King’s education engenders are highly prized in our modern global society. The quality of the teaching and the breadth of the activities outside the classroom mean that the lessons learned and the skills acquired stay with the pupils for life.’

The school has a strongly academic curriculum that is continually adapting to encompass the ever-changing demands of modern education. With almost all pupils going on to further education at leading universities in the UK and abroad, there is an emphasis on scholarly excellence.

Through regular monitoring of academic progress, the school’s aim is to enable every individual to make the most of their abilities and to fulfil their potential.

Much of what is most valuable in education also takes place outside the classroom. The wide ranging co-curricular programme has been developed to provide opportunities for all pupils to discover their passions and encourage them to develop their talents. Art, Drama, Music and Sport play a large role in school life, alongside the Combined Cadet Force, the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme and numerous other activities to suit all tastes.

Much of what is most valuable in education also takes place outside the classroom

King’s Week, the School’s own Festival of Arts at the end of the Summer term, involves hundreds of pupils in a showcase of creativity ending the academic year on a suitably high note of both achievement and enjoyment. Music is a flourishing part of life at the school with a range of disciplines from a large symphony orchestra to a 40-voice SATB choir of cathedral standard. There are some 60 music scholars in the school at any one time.

Unlike many top independent schools, The King’s School does not operate a Pre-test for 13+ entry: ‘The King’s School understands the enormous pressures that entrance tests impose on young children, their parents and their prep schools,’ says Headmaster Peter Roberts.

‘This is why we do not operate a Pre-test: preferring to rely on the recommendation of Prep School Heads whom we believe are the best judge of their pupils’ abilities.’