The McLeod Centre for Learning is a tutorial centre for touch-typing, handwriting, literacy, maths, study skills, dyslexia, dyscalculia and dyspraxia. Based in central London, SW1, it and has been running for eight years and was recently CReSTeD accredited by The Council for the Registration of Schools Teaching Dyslexic Pupils.

The centre’s specialist teachers hold AMBDA or equivalent and the maths teachers have training beyond the usual qualifications held by maths tutors (Unicorn Maths, Emerson House and BDA training courses). There are also three after-school tutors who specialise in next-school preparation plus links with OTs.

The McLeod Centre for Learning runs a Morning School and Afternoon School. The Afternoon School is for children from 5-18 years wanting individual lessons. Lessons include English, maths, homework support, handwriting, examination preparation, as well as dyspraxia/Occupational Therapy fine/gross motor support and dyslexia/dyscalculia.

Children enrolled in the Morning School receive lessons in English (dyslexia), maths (dyscalculia) and touch-typing/handwriting (dyspraxia). Groups are no larger than three and often children are taught on an individual basis if there is no suitable academic fit.

The McLeod Centre for Learning’s touch-typing classes have helped hundreds of children over the years learn to type. The Centre uses a typing program which also reinforces spelling rules as taught in the dyslexia literacy programme ‘Alpha to Omega’ by Hornsby, Shear and Pool.

Sussex House School (which is one of the top London boys’ preparatory schools) also outsources its learning support to The McLeod Centre for Learning who oversees pupil’s educational needs, organises assessments with outside Specialists (educational psychologists, physiotherapists and occupational therapists) and supplies Specialist teachers for the children.

Amanda McLeod, who runs the Centre, has written as an authority on the subject of handwriting and is the author and series editor of the Scholastic Handwriting series 

Amanda McLeod, who runs the Centre, has developed her handwriting expertise over the years. She has lectured and trained teachers in schools. Amanda has written as an authority on the subject of handwriting, as well as reviewed handwriting products for magazines, journals and commercial companies.

She is the author and series editor of the Scholastic Handwriting series (Reception to Year 6) and is currently working with Usborne Publishing.

Amanda is a committee member of the National Handwriting Association (NHA) and is one of their trainers and lecturers. She is also their representative on radio and television and spoke at The Education Show 2014. When Amanda personally sees children for handwriting, she devises a script to suit their needs. She also holds parent/child consultation sessions for parents who want to work with their children at home.

Amanda McLeod is on the Advisory Board of The Independent School for students aged 11-16. Co-educational students with mild specific learning difficulties such as dyslexia and dyspraxia, together with those who perform better in a more individualised environment, are welcomed.